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Intelligent Automation
for Food Processing

We build automated systems to revolutionize our food supply chains, beginning with the meat industry.


Labor reduction

Labor reduction

Labor reduction

Labor reduction

Yield optimization

Operational efficiency


What We Do

We combine intelligent software with food-grade hardware.

Our solutions are turnkey and automate entire processes.

Marble is building a technology platform for the processing facility of the future. Integrating the power of AI, next-gen software, computer vision, robotics, data analytics, and advanced process engineering, our platform overcomes traditional challenges like product variability and task complexity.

All the hardware and software are developed and supported by Marble.

The first solution in our platform is an Automated Pack-off System. Following the vacuum sealer, the Automated Pack-off System identifies, weighs, sorts, and boxes each product. Our system reduces labor, improves quality assurance, and advances worker safety and ergonomics.

Our Solution

Built for Food Processors' Realities

Sanitary, wash-down ready

Fail-safe, redundant design

Fits within existing footprint

No-downtime installation

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Want to see our technology in action?

Who We Are

Successful Entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in software development for the Ag industry and an MBA from MIT


Meat Industry Expert with over 20 years of experience leading innovation and implementation of new meat processing technology


Mechanical Engineer with 10 years experience in Food Tech who has taken food processing facilities from napkin sketch to full production and holds a Masters degree in engineering from Georgia Tech


Ag Economist with expertise in Ag Tech product management and strong connections in the Ag industry

Untitled design (2).png

Computer Vision Engineer with 10 years experience in image segmentation and algorithm development in medical imaging and airport security and a Masters degree in Bioengineering from Tufts

Brianna-Buseman (1).png

Meat Processing Specialist with an advanced degree in meat science and strong industry relationships across the country


Robotics Engineer with expertise in mechatronics and experience developing robotic systems that operate in challenging environments


Communications Strategist with expertise in genetics, communicating complex scientific findings, and grant proposals


Engineer specializing in robotics motion planning and hardware design at the MIT Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics


Solutions Architect with 15 years in AgTech software development and design with experience using a wide variety of technologies


Automation Engineer with over 8 years experience designing industrial automation controls, leading deployments, and supporting customers


Business Development Specialist with marketing expertise and Ag Tech product management experience


Automation Engineer specializing in robotics and embedded systems design with experience solving complex challenges in the Ag industry


Automation Engineer with experience building and implementing automation solutions for the agriculture and medical industries

Alessandro Ferrero.png

Computer Vision Engineer with over 5 years of experience in image analysis and deep learning, solving difficult challenges in the medical and geological industries

Josh Allen.png

Software Engineer with a background in robotics and experience leading solar energy projects for production Ag


Mechanical Engineer with expertise in process optimization and smart sensing in the defense industry to ensure safety against sophisticated threats


Automation Engineer with over 10 years of experience with industrial automation controls, mechanical assembly, and on-site support

Tanner Skelton.png

Software Engineer with expertise in front-end and back-end software development, specializing in
building easy-to-use interfaces

Evan Griess.png

Mechanical Engineer with experience troubleshooting and supporting equipment and designing new solutions to complex problems


Daniel Schoenberg

Automation Technician with over 10 years of experience building and troubleshooting complex systems, supervising crews, and organizing logistics


Software Engineer with experience managing DevOps pipelines and delivering full-stack solutions integrating software and hardware


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Contact Us

Contact Us

Thank you! We appreciate you contacting us. One of our Marble team members will get back to you shortly.


1280 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139


Nebraska Innovation Campus

2021 Transformation Dr.

Suite 1250

Lincoln, NE 68508

(617) 453- 8356

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